Even In Darkness

The Son will find a way

to light up the tiniest

of cracks in our heart.

He’ll fill you with

His glorious light.

Open up and let

His light in –

become Sondrenched.

Sandie Heckman



Oh the weather

falls on day with

warm breezes, 

and shadows aren’t the same

as summer past.

Sun streaming down

reflects how profound

another season coming to end.

Drink me a summer day,

mix me a cocktail of

morning dew and mist,

if I shall remember 

oh how I will miss,

long heated days 

where I stole a sun kiss.

In the divine madness

of sweat turned to stone,

I shall long for you

with a heated desire

that now lingers

like falling leaves

and cool, dew dampened spirits.

Sandie Heckman