For a moment 

I imagined I was

floating on a cloud

basking in the brilliant light.

Then I realized

I really was floating…

and I had found joy. 

Sandie Heckman author of Sondrenched 



Oh the weather

falls on day with

warm breezes, 

and shadows aren’t the same

as summer past.

Sun streaming down

reflects how profound

another season coming to end.

Drink me a summer day,

mix me a cocktail of

morning dew and mist,

if I shall remember 

oh how I will miss,

long heated days 

where I stole a sun kiss.

In the divine madness

of sweat turned to stone,

I shall long for you

with a heated desire

that now lingers

like falling leaves

and cool, dew dampened spirits.

Sandie Heckman

The Masterpiece


It’s a masterpiece I screamed!
She had chaotically painted on the wall
all the colors of the rainbow,
they wrapped around the corner
and went straight down the hall.

It hadn’t occurred to me
that this display of artistic pleasure,
was a simple reminder that
inside this tiny body of hers,
was a love that couldn’t be measured.

I watched her as she proudly looked on
at her artwork on display,
I decided to leave her fingerprints
and artwork on my wall,
I cherished it, fell in love
it’s still there to this day.

I pass her artwork on my walls now
as I walk to my kitchen alone,
she’s been gone and moved out for decades,
she’s all grown up, and living on her own.

The day I saw her paintings,
her artistic side and all.
it didn’t matter how far she had painted,
she left her love behind on all my walls.
Sandie Heckman