Give yourself a break today – you’re human – self love – watch the love pour out of your heart when you let the love of God flow through you. After all, you are loved more than you will ever know, by someone who died to know you. Romans 5:8

Sandie Heckman


How To Break Up With Writers Block…

When you get writers block and you can’t seem to find the words? You find God in the morning- at that intimate spot where the earth is so still, so silent and he’ll get your attention- oh, he’ll breathe that beautiful life into you. You know, that life where the angels are pushing the sun up from the darkest of places and there He is whispering softly, “I want you, I chose you, I – love – you.” And as the silence is embraced by his display of color He paints you in the sky…He’ll leave you desperate for Him. He’ll have you weeping with a display of color so beautiful, and a heart so filled up with love – you can’t help but get up at 5am and just wait to hear His voice as He speaks. He brings on the Monday fascination for breathing in the newness of this day – that’s what keeps me going – His grandeur – His love – this is how I break a writers block.

Sandie Heckman