Bed & Breakfast Closed

Well, my B&B is closing today. 

I’m sad to say after I snapped a photo of my last tenant, she took her first solo flight as mom & dad were waiting.

I’ve so enjoyed watching the triplets growing. I’m going to miss their morning serenade. I swear she waited till I got home to “check out” and fly away. 

Last photo of mom & dad…

Watching nature leaves me in awe.

God’s tiny gifts.

Sandie Heckman author Sondrenched 

Let It Sink In

 His promise is all We need. Today He’s holding your heart,your name is etched in His palms, you can’t help but stop and be in awe. Our world needs to know – we need to speak it loud and clear – “we are loved, believe it, relish it, send it to the core of your soul and let it burn a fire in you. No likes on social media can compare to it, it doesn’t define us, He is refining us and HE IS making us brand new.

Sandie Heckman (author of Sondrenched-now available)

Treasured Spot

There’s this place God meets us at, for some of us, it is our treasure spot when we are at the end of ourselves- at the end of our soul. For others this treasure spot may not come for months, even years, but eventually we all touch it, some seek it, and we always, always find it when we look. Some will cross the threshold, others may never cross over, but it is in the reaching into the depths of our soul – God finds us, and we find Him. Jesus hung on the cross, absorbing all of mankind’s sin, all the emotion of the entire earth in the past, present and future, all of it. He touched pain, heartbreak, every single person’s heartbreak including yours and mine. He touched the painful edge we all go to, where a piece of our heart breaks off and He catches it as it falls. He’s the epitome of pain and grace, healing and saving of sins and His heart has and does, and always, will. Carry. It all. 

Jesus, He had to go to the cross, to the end of it all to carry us all. 

Have you met Jesus at the cross?

Sandie Heckman

Author of Sondrenched now available on Amazon.