Dig Deep

You’ve gotta dig deep –

look to the universe –

listen to the sounds at sunset –

hear the moon rise as the sun

kisses it goodnight-

listen for God in every little thing –

that’s where you’ll find the power that fills you with the breath of words

that others need to hear.

Send up prayers-

send blessings out into the world.

Touch someone’s world with kindness.

Share love

as the world revolves around the Son. Feel His embrace –

feel His grace.

Sandie Heckman


Evening Wonder

There has to be a million tree frogs singing tonight. The final light around the rim of my world is welcoming evening bliss.

Sweet sensations of Jesus calling one and all to rest. Quarter moon climbed into the sky and gently bids the sun farewell and all is well in the Soul when you let Jesus just be Jesus.

The tree frogs are serenading Him and it’s so amazingly beautiful.

Peace restores the chaos as Jesus gently whispers “beloveds come and rest, come and just be with me.”

Heaven on earth and we adore Him our Prince of Peace.

Sandie Heckman