I lost my sense of direction

got turned around in my head

boredom has settled in

it’s hard to get out of bed.

I’m in horizontal agony

keeping my distance six feet apart

I loathe this COVID19

it’s messing with my heart.

I have separation anxiety

does anyone even care?

I miss my friends and family

I can’t breathe – I need fresh air.

Can’t watch the news

can’t listen to the excuse

as people die in their beds

and our country…well

it’s going in the red!

I’ve lost my sense of affection

watching collection after collection

of movies and tv shows,

when will this madness end

no one seems to know.

I slip into the grocery store

take a cart all shiny and clean,

I smile at a tiny girl

behind my mask

my smile goes unseen.

Walk the aisles in a line

follow the arrows as you go,

don’t cross the line a single time

for this virus – it’s invisible you know.

Get in – get out

as fast as you can

get exactly what you need

but if you’re buying toilet paper

the limit is one – do not exceed!

The days go by

as fast as they come

like the beat of my heart

my God beat that drum –

I wait here on you…

take us to a fresh start

show us a world that’s healed

and people transformed by you.

Some say it’s the end

of things as we know

others say it’s a newness

it’s the exciting beginning

of what God has in store,

we have to dig in with Him,

we have to stop saying

that we’re bored!

Lord our God we wait patiently

please come and open the door

to our hearts, our souls

we pray, we beg you

get us out of this Sheol.

Sandie Heckman



I look at the calendar –

a canvas of empty spaces.

Where do I begin?

How do I attempt to write

my days, appointments

and meetings

in tiny blocks

that hang on my fridge?


I wake to a new dawn

so many possibilities

on a blank canvas of brightness,

and if God were to fill in the tiny blocks

how exactly would He pencil in my days?

There’s a beginning and end in everything,

and here we are

smack in the middle,

filling our reality with things

that fill tiny blocks of our existence…

but, do these blocks fill our heart?

I sit still

ponder the question…

where exactly do I begin?

Where do I begin my days

breathing in and out –

in prayer or thoughts?

In scrolling through a mindless screen

that even God

wouldn’t look at if He could!


I stare at the white canvas

blank blocks

amidst appointment cards,

photos and recipes

on my refrigerator

that has become

my life song of days unending.


I fill each space with breathing


awe struck wonder –

the count is on…

how many days to the end?

I smile with wonder –


as I look at this white canvas of days

I see my days are numbered,

but the days count up

not down!

Are my days numbered

since I quit smoking?


we begin each day

with a breath given so freely

by God himself –

I begin to realize

this gift of freedom –

breaking this addiction

is my greatest gift to Him.


with praise and worship


Sandie Heckman

I’m smoke free 32 days…my new beginning

In His Arms

Feel your heart beat

to the rhythm of the day…

allow it to slow

in the gentle caress

of Jesus’ love.

We aren’t perfect

nor do we have to strive

to get everything right,

He loves us anyway.

He’s already laying

out the path

to where everything

is perfectly clear;

in His arms

is where we will find

the courage to know

everything is not always

black and white.

In His arms

is where you’ll find

that life can be

blissfully beautiful.

Jesus, he’ll color your world

and help you to see

He’s painting you into

a masterpiece…

let Him paint your life.

Sandie Heckman

Out Of Town Cowboy

Ever write something that doesn’t make sense and you have no idea where the thought came from? Yeah – this. Drop your thoughts on this and tell me what your weirdest piece of writing has been.

He was new in town

as he walked into the bar

cowboy boots clicking

on the hardwood floor,

as he made his way to a bar stool.

Eight gallon hat

on a four gallon head –

the thing went

clear down to his chin.

Shame he bought such a big hat –

it covered up those baby blues.

He was a stranger in town

and those who lived here

weren’t taking kindly to

this fancy, out of place cowboy

with his new wranglers,

and a smell of tobacco

that lingered around him

like an cheap imitation Chanel No5.

He ordered a shot of whiskey

and he’d probably have been shot

if people saw him chase that whiskey

with a tall glass of milk.

He was an out of place cowboy,

in an out of place town

that sat on the map

in the middle of nowhere.

The out of town cowboy

got up from his stool,

tipped his hat to the bartender

and for the first time

you could see

that cowboy in his ten gallon hat

with a four gallon head –

was the spitting image

of James Dean.

Some at the bar regulars gasped

as they took a second look

you see,

James Dean had been dead since 1955!

He walked out the door

never to be seen again,

as he drove off in his 1955 Chevy.

The bartender gasped

at the tip left behind –

one thousand nine hundred

fifty five one dollar bills

all dated from 1955.

People take kindly now

to strangers in town –

you never know who

might stroll on in

through those swinging doors

at that bar

in that town

in the middle of nowhere.

Sandie Heckman