Fine Line of Truth

I etched a “fine line cross” on my wrist. I sat there staring at this cross and I found this fine line at the edge of sunrise – where the sun rises at the edge of the new morning. A fine line of red and blue that greet each other in the new day.

Fine lines at sunset, fine lines on our face that others see and know we are aging with grace. Each time we smile or frown a new line starts to form.

“Fine” we say to others as they ask how we are. “I am fine” when asked “how are you,” but are you really fine?

Are you fine or hurting, and those layers of your heart where your fine is hurting are kept tucked neatly inside, for you dare not speak your truth?

Are you fine with Jesus?

Are you afraid to expose to Him how you’re really feeling? He meets us at our fine lines. He knows our fineness, our edgy edges and He’s defining who we are in Him.

Your heart beats and the cracks in our hearts – those fine line cracks from being hurt or in pain, lost loves, fear of not being good enough – are where God meets us. He fills these cracks with love, because we are enough!

Meet Him at the “fine line” of truth today, the edge of forgiveness where He just loves to smooth out our lines with grace and hope.

His heart beats for you – you are refined in Him.

Sandie Heckman


You Are…

Some days I just want to run away,

to be close to you –

run up to you, crawl up in your lap

feel safe in knowing

anytime, anywhere

I can come and find peace.

Today, let me just be real

this. Is not. Exactly what I had planned.

Then, there you are

with arms wide open

telling me it will be better

and all I have to do

Is. Believe.

All I have left is hope.

You are by relief –

You are my belief.

You. Are. My hope.

Sandie Heckman