Evening Bliss

The edge of the earth is lit up, as evening slowly pulls its nighttime blanket over this side of the world.The last light bursts through the gently turning night sky, reminding us that Jesus is still here.  

Always by our side, His presence is vivid and noticeable just by the tiny light left at the edge of the earth- proof that His light shines brightest in the darkness.

Birds singing their final farewell quickly slip into the darkness, for their evening rest.

The hoot owls calling makes his grand entrance heard at the tip of the trees, wooing the earth to come to a peaceful calm. 

Gentle breezes blow across the earth one last time, and evenings bliss is here at last. 

Jesus is peace – call Him closer tonight.

S Heckman

My Old Friend The Sea


Early morning breezes wash over me like a warm embrace.

My memory is quickly awakened to a distant longing, a familiar place.

The alluring scent of ocean air makes me ache.

I long for gentle sea breezes, soft caresses of wind over my being, and my soul.

I miss bicycle rides to nowhere, and the sound of the lifeguards whistle.

I yearn to feel the ocean water, and granular texture of the sand under my feet.

I wish to hear the mesmerizing sounds of the sea gulls calling his friends for a meal.

I miss the sound of ropes embracing flag poles on windy days.

I yearn for sun kissed skin, and blissful days of doing nothing.

I miss my old friend, the sea.

S Heckman