The Longing

Soft breezes of early morning 

wash over me like a warm embrace. 

My memory is awakened, longing 

for the alluring scent of ocean air. 

I ache for gentle sea breezes casting their soft caresses. 

I yearn to feel the sand 

under my feet. 

I long for the peacefulness 

of my old friend, the sea. 

Sandie Heckman (author of new devotional Sondrenched)

Jesus Transform Us

as we settle into the evening, the rays of the sun stream to the earth and touch the cracks in the hearts of those who weep, those who grieve, those who hurt. May we be brilliant rays of light that shine for others to see Him through us. 

May they see more of Him and less of us as He molds us, changes us and transforms us in Jesus name we pray. 


Sandie Heckman author of Sondrenched available now