Empty me of the lies – 

Fill me with Your truths.

Tell me your love for me 

is my destiny. 

Take my heart and soul –

Take all of me, 

take everything I have. 

Sandie Heckman


The Masterpiece


It’s a masterpiece I screamed!
She had chaotically painted on the wall
all the colors of the rainbow,
they wrapped around the corner
and went straight down the hall.

It hadn’t occurred to me
that this display of artistic pleasure,
was a simple reminder that
inside this tiny body of hers,
was a love that couldn’t be measured.

I watched her as she proudly looked on
at her artwork on display,
I decided to leave her fingerprints
and artwork on my wall,
I cherished it, fell in love
it’s still there to this day.

I pass her artwork on my walls now
as I walk to my kitchen alone,
she’s been gone and moved out for decades,
she’s all grown up, and living on her own.

The day I saw her paintings,
her artistic side and all.
it didn’t matter how far she had painted,
she left her love behind on all my walls.
Sandie Heckman




I sat still and I listened as the cricket song never ceased, for it was so in tune to the silence. In the rhythm of this silence with the crickets chirping, you can hear Jesus heartbeat, for He never stops a beating heart in the silence. 

He stills my soul even in the whirling hum of hummingbird wings turning corners at 7G’s, He stills my heart to hear His voice. 

“You are enough – You are loved – You are my beloved.”

They say silence is golden…I say, in the silence you can hear Jesus, and His voice is like pure gold – liquid tranquility that flows through time and space, His voice meets my ears with liquid grace.

In the silence you’ll hear your name called, like floating, pillowy soft clouds, His voice resonates pure embrace. “Come to me He says, rest and listen in the silence, I will call out your name, Beloved.” And He does…in the silence, you will hear love coming on soft breezes, His breath flowing through the forest. 

Sandie Heckman

Let’s Dance

Remember how 

we danced under the 

midnight moon 

at half past three?

You and me,

party of three 

if you include 

the moon, and…

oh, how you could 

make my heart swoon.

Let’s dance tonight

under the moon.

Meet me at a 

half past midnight.

Dance with me,
teach me that in

taking my breath away,

I can learn how to

finally breath again…

in tune to your heart beat. 

Sandie Heckman