She sat there, her and her aching heart. Broken, but not shattered she waited for the winds of time to change – for the sun to exchange places with the moon. Over and over the longing in her heart chased her into the next day…then as the stars yawned and waited on the moon – she saw Him. He held the pieces of her heart in His hand. She inhaled His essence and time seemed to stand still. What is it about Him she wondered, as He whispered “I am.” 

Then He whispered the words her heart longed for, “I am always here, even when your mind wanders, your heart wonders, I am here. I never leave, for you my beloved, are always on my mind. I wait, I watch over you, even when you doubt, when you are weary – I am the One who holds your heart, and molds it back together. 

I am the One True King.” 

She looked at Him, tears in her eyes and as He held out His hand, His Palm showed a scar that seemed to disappear into the night. His Palm held her mended heart, and her longing disappeared as it was replaced by His love.

Sandie Heckman- author of Sondrenched- find it at Westbow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


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