They Tied The Knot!

sarah & justin

My daughter was married last weekend – and this week has been a time of pure reflection and getting back to the daily grind.

There’s this fine line between motherhood and your child – it’s this fine line I found as my daughter sat in the back seat of my car, and I drove her to the church to get married.

I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw a women so enchantingly beautiful, so full of life. I looked again, and I saw her as a child sitting in her car seat beaming, as her tiny shoots of strawberry blonde hair glistened in the sun. I couldn’t grasp in the moment what this meant, what it felt like as time stood still, and then shot full-force forward into who she had become.

I saw this women that I adore, that I have adored her entire lifetime and I became so proud.

You can’t explain the love you have for your child to anyone. This love is beyond any grasp of words. But, this weekend, I fully understood the glory of God and how beautiful it is when you watch your child fall in love, and marry their best friend. I saw love in the eyes of both of them, and it clearly took my breath away. A love I hadn’t seen in a long time, and now I fully understand – because I had forgotten what that love looked like.

I am grateful! I am grateful these two souls found love in each other.

God gives us these breath-taking children to love, adore and to watch grow into phenomenal human beings; loving adults we have nurtured along the way.

You can’t explain the love for your child until you watch them walk through the journey of their future, into the arms of the man or woman of their dreams. It truly is a breath-taking adventure, and adventure that only a parent can share, a mother, a father – but beware, it’s unbelievably amazing. It’s God breathed.

I wish for them happiness, joy and many years to come – enchanting moments that take their breath away, as they realize they are so deeply in love.

We always wish the best for our children as we painstakingly pray over them night and day. I pray a love that stays – I pray it every day.

Sandie Heckman (Author – Sondrenched – released 5/17/17)


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