It feels like it’s been raining forever!

It’s rained for the past two weeks, with only a day or two of sunshine breaks.

I need the Sun!

I need brilliant sunshine streaming into my windows!

How do you lift yourself up on gray days? How do you keep going when there seems to be no break in the dreariness of the week? How do you lift up others?

I took the low road to Grumpyville today.

It didn’t take long to get there, in fact it was the shortest ride of my life. Today, I got caught up between a blissful kind of day and grumpy people, and off I went directly to the land of the lost, the Dreams Forgotten Town and ended up right smack in the middle of Grumpyville.


Now, if you’ve ever been to Grumpyville, you know it is the grayest of places. It not only strips you of your smiles and bouncy cares, it straight-out takes you to the unknown land of the forgotten, where no one knows your name. Frankly, no one cares what your name is, because they are too caught up in their own grouchiness, and fixed and determined to ruin each others day.


As I stepped up on the curb of Disagreeable Drive, I saw a man yelling at a young boy and I couldn’t help but ask what had happened. Well, Mr. Snobish decided he wasn’t talking, and he took Tommy Do-No-Good to the other side of the street to yell some more. I went about my own business, and realized when I turned onto Snappish Street that I had gotten off at the wrong town. I didn’t want to be in Grumpyville! I wanted out and I wanted out now.

pink taxiI grabbed my cell phone and called for a taxi, and even I was yelling at the lady on the other side of the phone, “get me out of here!” In a lickity-split second the taxi rolled up. I was astonished at the beauty of this sleek taxi cab ordered just for me. Pink and glistening as it rolled down Aggressive Avenue as I started jumping for joy. The sign on the side of the taxi read “Tickled Pink Taxi Company,” and I couldn’t have been any happier.

All the Grumpies turned and stared like they’ve never seen anything like this pink taxi before in their lives. I knew they hadn’t, since not one taxis had come to this town for over ten years. The last time the Pink Taxi Company had gotten a call, was ten years ago from a Mrs. Simplymarvelous – she had taken a wrong turn too.

I got in the taxi and as we started to drive down Disagreeable Drive, I felt sorry for everyone walking around. I even felt sorry for Gloomy Gus – head hanging, shoulders droopy and I knew he didn’t belong here, and neither did anyone else.

sadWho would want to live in Grumpyville? It’s the saddest, gloomiest place on earth. As the taxi turned the corner on Bitter Bi-way, I started shouting out the window, “Good Morning Beautiful, Hello Handsome, It’s a beautiful day.” People started staring and I didn’t care! The more I yelled, the brighter the sky became. Soon the sun started shining through the clouds and all the people of Grumpyville started rubbing their eyes. People started smiling and clapping their hands – they started hugging each other and jumping up and down. They were spreading joy and sunshine in Grumpyville, and it was working!


The Taxi made it down Irritable Way and I could see people running out of their houses and businesses, and soon they were running down the street. The whole town was transforming into Happyville and I couldn’t have been any happier.

What have you done today to transform the lives of others? Have you spread joy, or spent the day wallowing in Grumpyville? Find your joy, find your blessings, they are everywhere. Make a list of things you are thankful for and share it with others. Today and everyday let’s spread joy and help our world, our towns to find happiness in each other again.

S Heckman




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