The Downpour

rain 2Everything you’ve ever said,

I sat and pondered all night long. Listless from sleep that would never come, and I knew in this moment,  coffee better come quick – with triple shots of espresso, if I was going to breath. Another. Minute.

It started raining, and the downpour began…

I took short. Deep. Breaths. I ran between the drops, away from the coffee shop we had always gone to, day after day. Night. After. Night.

It’s just another day of downpours…

another daunting day of trying to forget everything you’ve ever said.

Words were scrambling to get out,

they were dashing around here and there, and my thoughts were right behind as I tried to jot everything down on paper.

The writers life is never easy…

it sometimes dulls the mind as we constantly battle the word drama – the “should I jot that down, say another thing – nice or mean, or shut up and not say anything at all!” This wasn’t the time to say anything, but if I didn’t say it, then I better shut up forever.

I’m done with you taking up space in my head!

So, I sat there in the downpour of words that didn’t seem to want to stop. They flowed from deep inside my head until they all ran out – last but not least were the “He said this, she said that and I am so over this entire thing – almost as much as I am, to losing my mind.

I’ve been awakened…

I’ve got something to say – and if you don’t care to listen in the silence of a hushed voice, I will now write from my heart…

because honey –

that’s where true love flows. My heart’s bursting with love from above, and honestly He’ll never break my heart, because He healed it!

S Heckman





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