Monday, Monday


I hope your weekend was grand – and if it was not, remember this; every day can be grander if we can only put things in perspective.

  1. The world would not be the same without your smile and sweet perfections you add to each day.
  2. Your laughter is a beautiful thing. People depend on your giggles to help them remember – not to take life to seriously.
  3. Love yourself more then you’ve ever done before…your heart needs your own self-love, more than anyone else’s.
  4. Know that your peace of mind and soothing soul need rest; everything this week will get done on time.
  5. Honor the things that make you feel good inside your heart – hug more, giggle more, enjoy the little things.
  6. Pause during your day, set your pace to a speed that doesn’t let you unravel during your day.
  7. Make time your very own gift this week. Take time for yourself and the little things that make your heart beat.

Have a grand week – glad you’re here and a part of it!

S Heckman


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