Faraway Land

There’s a tiny, world of wonder waiting, when the imagination allows oneself to see it, and believe.

At the tiny point of Faraway Land lives a family of fairies, who wait upon the edge of winter. They wait  for their world to turn, to a glistening bliss of water droplets in the trees. 

Water droplets lined up like a symphony of notes, just waiting to be played.

I found Faraway Land, and I watched a world of enchanting laughter and love, give way to the flight of the fairies. 

Tiny fairy hands whisked these droplets away to Faraway Land, as brilliant, effervescent bubbles revealed tiny, fairy babies taking their first breaths. 

Laughter can be heard through the forest, as these fairies fly through the air on ribbons of love.

Faraway Land is a magical place of brilliance, where the heart can feel the joy and love of these tiny wonders. Tiny fairies capturing the love of the land, and sprinkling it around the world, with fairy dust of wonder,  for all of humanity to feel. 

My heart became filled with a love that can be captured and felt, in the beauty held way up high in Faraway Land. 

May your imagination dream it, and believe as well. 

Sandie Heckman


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