I Found Grace

Do you find it hard to get back into the groove after the holidays? I was off for twelve days. Twelve blissful days of no schedule, writing whenever I wanted, and sleeping when I could, and now I find the daily work grind exhausting. 

Holidays can be tiring – but getting back to life and schedules, can be even more tiring!

So back to the rat race I go,and in a millisecond, the Christmas feeling evaporated in between the piles of paper at work, and the snow that fell on my part of the world today. I stumbled with my grumpy pants on and I missed…I missed the quiet, the doing nothing and the routine of life suddenly became just that, “routine.”

Life gets real and the rat race engages once again.

So, how do we get back to the hush? How do we find the “aha moments” in between the crazy?

I asked God for grace, to show me a heart that remains in Him for we are not of this world.

Keep on asking and it will be given you, keep on seeking and you will find; keep on knocking (reverently) and (the door) will be opened Matthew 7:7 Amp

I knocked and I sought after Him, and tonight as the coldest of nights settles in, I found grace. I found His aha moment, His gentle reminder on top of my fire pit. 

I found the cross He had to endure for us! I found His beauty in the snow!

I found that if we remain in Him, He’ll remain steadfast with grace, spoonfed to us on the hardest of days. 

Today, I let this day get the best of me. But today, if we believe, nothing can get to us! 

We know how God’s story ends for us – we know in Him we have eternal life. 

 No, we are not of this world, but while we are here God will shine his light on us – it’s best to make the best of even tiring moments and reflect His light, our light into others. 

Inhale His grace, exhale all the worries, for we know the ending to God’s story – He saves.

Smile and find your aha moments

Knock – seek – and you shall find. You will find that He’s right there, He’s with you. 

Sandie Heckman (Soulwriterforhim)                                 


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