Holidays Are Like Roller Coasters

According to Walmart Christmas is over, totally gone.

Valentines are the new norm! But, yesterday I bought Christmas cards and wrapping paper! 

Remember the anticipation of Christmas butterflies, and the headaches, and the guy in the car driving and waving with his middle finger?

What did they do with Christmas?

I’m confused and suffering from Holiday let down. I feel like holidays are one giant roller coaster ride, and we are now at the end of the ride! I want to ride again but, I have to wait a whole year. 

I feel like ELF…

Christmas seems to take forever, then poof, it’s gone!

What do I do with my red, green and white M&M’s? Do I seperate the white and red out for Valentine’s Day? 

Retailers have ruined Holidays.

They took Christ out of Christmas and replaced Him with Elf on the shelf. Where does the elf go after Christmas, to never ending Christmasland? 

So, what do we do now, shift gears and ponder the perfect Valentine? What if we don’t have a Valentine?

Life is going by so fast, and holidays seem to fly by even faster. How do we keep up? How do we get off the roller coaster?

Life’s little list for taking in the newness of the New Year, and how to slow life down…

Inhale confidence

Exhale doubt

Inhale wisdom

Exhale hesitation

Inhale Gods grace

Exhale love

Inhale beauty

Exhale brilliance

Inhale God’s love

Exhale peace

Repeat until life catches up! 

Sandie Heckman 


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