Erasing Jesus

jesus .jpeg

I woke up this morning to a stillness in my home and thought, “now what?” Christmas is over, the craziness is behind. Bills will now need to be paid, and life will go on. But, as I stumbled around in the stillness of the early morning light, I found in my heart a longing to not lose the bliss of the day before, Christmas Day.

I went to the store and watched the hustle of people still buying things the day after Christmas,

hadn’t Jesus filled up

their hearts enough?

What could they

possibly need?

As wrapping paper, Christmas boxes and bows flew off the shelf, it became apparent everyone was stocking up on Christmas items for next year. The clerks were marking items down rapidly and as quickly as they marked items down, they were placed in someone’s cart. I walked to the card aisle and watched the greeting card rep rapidly pull Christmas cards from their slots. As quickly as he pulled the cards emptying the card holding vessels, he instantly replaced these holes with Valentine’s Day cards. Christmas was evaporating from this store, and Christmas was being erased, Jesus was being erased!

I left the store and as I walked outside the sun was shining brilliantly. With a deep warmth I could feel the sun penetrating my soul, and I realized Jesus is only erased from those who don’t know how to hold Him in their heart. If Christmas is just a day to celebrate His birth, what do we do with the other 364 days of the year? How do we keep Jesus and Christmas all year long? I don’t want the world to lose this feeling of joy, this Christmas feeling that was shining on all the faces I saw at the mall, work, and church. I want this feeling to remain in everyone’s heart.

I went home and I thought about taking down my tree. Each year I am in such a hurry to take down the tree, but this year is different. I want the spirit of Christmas to linger, I want the essence of the season to stay. I looked at my manger on the table and I lifted the baby Jesus and held it in my hand. This baby looked so small as I held it, but this baby remains in my heart. This baby Jesus grew up and saved my heart, saved my soul. I stood there with the baby Jesus in my hand, and I realized it’s  not the size of Christmas nor the gifts, it’s the size of Jesus heart. Jesus’ heart can hold our anxiety, our grief, our pain and all our trials. This tiny baby in a manger grew up and He has our names etched on His hands and on His heart.

You can’t erase this fact

that Jesus saves,

you can’t dissolve this love

nor peace that comes

with knowing through Him we have eternal life.

They can  mark down Christmas items at the store, but Jesus can’t be erased from our hearts. When you carry the love of Jesus in your heart, it doesn’t evaporate, it simply multiplies.

As the Christmas trees and decorations come down today, tomorrow or the next, keep the Christmas spirit alive. Remember your name is etched on the tiny baby in the mangers heart, and this love can never be reduced in price or dissolved.

Jesus paid the highest price to just love us, and ultimately we received the greatest gift of all time, eternal life with Him in heaven.

Sandie Heckman



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