I Want a Simpler World

A world where we don’t take each other for granted!

Where life is simpler and we exhale the beauty of the day, and inhale the goodness we feel for each other!


A world where we hug instead of judge, embrace someone for who they are, not because they are dressed in the finest of wardrobes but because we see their heart first!


A world where clothes hang on the line, and children play hide n seek amongst the crisp smell of laundry blowing in the wind.


A world where blessing jars overflow with notes of thankfulness, and prayers are sent up for everyone we meet, each and every day!

I want to slow down Christmas, to a pace where cookies bake and the scent of cinnamon and molasses fills the air. Where gifts are homemade with children’s tiny handprints dipped in paint, make magical pictures as time stands still, and their tiny hands never age.


I want to slow down Christmas to a day where Grandma’s apron pockets are filled with candy, that she slips to her grandchildren as their giggles echo through her home.

A time where we harvest values instead of throwing those out who are struggling with addiction, mental illness or don’t know any better. Teaching our children to share, to love and not wanting for anything, just more love and gratitude and loving others, for just being human. Gladitude and joy reflecting in the beauty of a child, not words that hurt and bullies!

I want to slow down Christmas and find words to gift to others. Words that lift others up all year round….BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING, SWEETEST OF SOULS, and the list goes on and on.

I want to embrace Christmas and slow it to a pace where we celebrate Jesus, as we break bread together over Christmas dinner!


I want to slow down Christmas and bring Jesus back into the season, instead of putting him in the background of a storefront window.

I want to slow down Christmas, savor family and friends and be thankful beyond measure for the Christ Child, who is our greatest Christmas gift of our days!

Sandie Heckman









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