Broken Pieces

She walked outside feeling her way down the steps until she felt the road under her feet. Desperately she listened for the crunch of the tiny pebbles under her feet, but they were gone, the road was smooth. Stunned she stood there unsure of which way to go. She heard a whisper “follow me”, she reached out and felt His hand grasp hers, she said, “I can’t find my way”. He put His hand on her shoulder, He said softly,

 “I am the way, follow me, 

I am your eyes, walk with me”. 

She took a step and only heard silence, and in that moment she heard Him say,

 “I picked up all the broken pieces, you can walk free”. 

In that moment she knew her trail of brokenness was no longer her path to follow, for He had Her. Her Savior had cleared the path of her brokenness, all she had to do was follow Him.  

S Heckman


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