Going Home

I looked around my house last night, as silence fell and the midnight mist rolled in, everything looked so small! Why is it everything fits when we are small, but looks so tiny as we grow older? Tiny furniture that fits a 4’11” woman, who lives alone longing for days gone by. Do you long for the past or look to the future? Do you feel you are ever so small in Gods eyes? Home is what you make it, the love, Gods love and how you embrace your life. Content in who you are in Christ, and living life with a Christ heart leads you where He needs you to go. 

We are all so small on a big planet that needs to hear of Jesus love. He’s a big God and we are not small in His eyes, we are His, no boundaries or miles keep us apart. He waits for us to come to Him, He calls us from the door to our future. Paths laid out by Him and His glorious plans all await us as He yearns for us to come back to what we know. God is our Home in our heart – no yearning for the past as His future calls us, it is up to us to leap. He has wondrous plans for our lives, and trusting in Him to put these plans in motion will challenge us to leave what we know behind. God is so good, yet His plans for our life are inconceivable- until we ultimately allow Him to show us the big plan. The bravest move forward, the smallest take steps and He looks on at us with adoring eyes. One God, one BIG Love and your heart becomes home wherever you may be. 

Seek Gods will in all you do and He will show you the path to take. Proverbs 3:6

S Heckman 


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