Insert Life Here

I looked at my keyboard and focused on this….as you “enter” into today’s activities, how much are you still trying to “control”? Do you go “up and down” in your day second guessing yourself? Does it seem like you are always going “back and forth” with decisions? 

Decide today to “insert” God into all your decisions. Ask for guidance and He will “delete” the indecision and put on your heart what is clear and concise. With God as the “author” of your life, things will become easier, and as you “shift” directions giving Him control, your path will take on new meaning. He is the way and the truth. Living with God more deeply planted in your heart, allows you to grow to new depths of understanding. The misdirected will be directed to joy, let Him “edit” out where change is needed. 

(For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen. Romans 11:36 ESV)

S Heckman


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