Peace For Our World

If I could, I would take the people of the world, and place them in 2 lines. I would have everyone face each other one on one and then, tell them to “just be”. I’d tell them “Just be with your neighbor, a stranger or friend. Just be with the wife, the father, the mother and then – sit and “just be” with them, just sit for awhile. Notice the lines on their face, their eyes, their clothes, their style. Do you see the human being sitting there right across from you? They long, they to want peace in this world, this world made for me and you. They are indeed sad, for our world is fearful, right now our world is blue. Their lives may have been different, they may not even speak the same as me and you, but in the end we all have the same bodies made from the same God, believe it, it’s true. We are bones and tendons, flesh and blood too, made by one God who can only see the best in all of you. As He looks down from heaven He sees His child and He weeps, for those aching, He longs for your smile, He wipes the tears from your cheek. This world that we live in and all the people too, we are all made the same, it’s really up to me and you. Will you just be, will you just sit for awhile, will you just be, because we are all here for the long miles. Up ahead when our children grow old, let’s leave them a legacy of love, not a legacy of people who have turned cold. “Just be” in this moment not angry or hurt, just be in this moment equal to one another, not fearful or curt. Just be for awhile let’s bring peace back to our earth. Let’s show Others how to love – someone unlock the door and send into flight the mighty peace dove, flying from shore to shore.

Sandie Heckman


4 thoughts on “Peace For Our World

  1. I’m new to blogging and I write about my thoughts and things I love. I’ve been checking out your posts and you inspire me to write about Him. I was afraid and shy to speak up about what I think of Him and my experiences but it doesn’t really matter. Thanks for the wisdom! ❤ Keep sharing His word.

    1. Wow! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that my writing is inspiring you more to find out about Him. Please speak your mind, write about it, it’s good to get feedback in your faith Walk. Again, thanks for checking out my writing

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