Undo Us!


Undo us Lord –
He who has made us can undo us!
In this world that seems to be thriving on
killing off your people Lord, Undo us!
Take us back to our Glory,
Our Glory only found in You!
Your kind soul who only loves –
Let us spread Love –
to love our neighbors no matter what color,
no matter what religion,
no matter what!
Undo us Lord –
take us back to Only knowing You,
Only wanting You,
Only wanting to live like You!
Stop the hate –
Satan take a back seat
for Our God, Our Heavenly FAther ,
Our Lord of Lords has set the tone for today.
Take us back to Only needing You.
Get on bended knee and Pray with Dallas,
pray for the mending, the mending of our world!
Sandie Heckman

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