The Boardwalk 

I walked the boardwalk,

as the old familiar scents 

of candy apples, french fries 

and cinnamon pecans, waffled through the air. 

Sea breezes swiftly 

embracing my thoughts, 

as I hear the old man 

yelling to the air! 

“Put your money on this 

or your money on that” 

as squirt guns shoot a stream, 

into the ugly clowns mouth. 

Bells ringing and “we have a winner”

are shouted into the night sky. 

The boardwalk is filled with

so many sights to see,

but watch your step

barefoot and all, 

as the boardwalk board

holds up a wood splinter

to the night sky!

Lucky me!

I’m saved once again

by the boardwalk 

train as it yells to me,

“please get out of the way”!

This boardwalk, has never

outgrown the youth in me. 

Riding bicycles when I’m young,

to the here and now, where 

my wheels of choice

have been the wheels

on my walker!

I’m aging right along

with this Boardwalk of my youth,

but before I grow too old,

I’ll come back, 

soak up the sun and ocean breeze,

for this boardwalk 

is where I long to be! 

Sandie Heckman


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