Letter to the Lost

Sometimes the stardust glistens like glass as it falls from the sky. Lime green strips of pearlescent beauty, zipping through the night sky as another tiny tear drops from the angels, that hold people’s hearts so dear; and as they pray 1000 prayers over hearts that weep, they connect us closer to God. Tiny stars all lined up in rows so bright, and all the lives you are meant to touch are sparkling in each star in the night sky. These stars, like tiny beacons of light are our destiny, our destiny to lead those twinkling lives to Christ. One star by another God creates the vision, of all the lives you will touch, all the voices you are to hear. Each star burning so bright like the lives here on earth, burning so bright with a desire to know Jesus.It’s time to get on bended knee and pray 1000 prayers over our world, for the hearts in Orlando aching and the parents that lost their 2 year old, beautiful boy. Pray for those mourning the loss of a voice of a singer taken down too soon. Pray for our pastors and the emergency crews that lived through that night of terror.

Angels singing sweetly on high, Heaven hears our prayers as God calms the storm in so many hearts tonight. Jesus sweet Jesus, come to us and heal our troubled hearts. Awaken us tomorrow knowing, You are the light of the world, our protector, our healer, our one and only sweet redeemer. 



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