Prayers For Orlando

Lord there is a string of hearts entwined tonight. Our hearts and those hearts broken in Orlando. We are lifting the broken, cracked open hearts. Hearts of gold, hearts with hope and silver linings. Prayers for those who have lost, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles too! We lift up the spouses and those whose significant others have been sent on their journey to you, whose lives were cut short way too soon. 

We pray for those in Orlando, who lost more than we could ever imagine. 

Prayers for the lonely and lost, and prayers for those that keep picking up all the hearts that need mending, the pastors and emergency personnel that were kept busy today because of a senseless, selfish act!

To the King of all our hearts, Jesus, we love you will all our heart. 

Help those to find their heart beats again, the heart beats that keeps in tune with your love for our world. Our world needs you now more than ever Jesus, Heal our hearts, heal those who are hurting. We lift up the unspoken prayers to You, and we pray with the broken tonight. 




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