And nightfall comes spiraling in with a dewy mist that engulfs even the most uncertain of things, and we are drowning Lord. Drowning in a pool of faults, pure disbelief and we are trying to tread water lightly, knowing deep in our souls none of it is true. Standing at the high dive we want to jump in knowing without a doubt, You are our lifesaver and we can only swim to You, for no one else will save us. You have thrown us tons of ropes, but our self centered ways make us swim into the abyss. You seek us out like a lifeguard looking for the drowning soul – It is You Lord standing at every rim of crystal blue waiting on us to swim to the surface…it is You Lord who will save us from our own self centered destruction. Kindness and grace abounds, and Your love dives deep into our heart and soul as we surface with out reached hands. You are our pure oxygen that allows us to breathe as You embrace us in a life saving grasp. Lord it is You, our Life saving, soul healing God! May you remain in us always giving us buoyancy to float through our days this week. Help us stay afloat Lord, for we need You now more than ever in this sea called life. Selah

Sandie Heckman


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