Amazing Messy Grace

I went to the Dollar Store today, where I met this beautiful black woman, buying flowers for her husbands grave. She was probably a little younger than my mom, who turns 90 in August. This beautiful soul was in front of me at the checkout. She laid the flowers out at the register. She counted out her $1’s and fell short by $3.00. The girl at the register told her three times “you have to put some back, you are short money”. The lady just stood there. My heart broke for her. I told the cashier “no she doesn’t I’ve got her”! I paid the rest of her bill and got a hug like I was hugging my mom! All I could think about was my mom buying flowers for my dad’s grave. 

I told the cashier “those flowers are for her husband’s grave, he was a veteran”. The girl looked at me and shrugged. I told her “that man gave you your freedom”!

It’s all about amazing, messy grace! Our kids are losing perspective on Veterans and grace. We need to teach them, so no Veteran is ever forgotten!

Sandie Heckman


2 thoughts on “Amazing Messy Grace

  1. What a beautiful end to this post. Many forget kindness goes a long way. Many forget freedom is not free. Thank God you were there to help the lady out. Love and hugs to you.

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