Crash at Walmart

God gave me an extra “funny bone” for all I’m going through! Tonight was no exception of how I laugh at Satan trying to get me upset.

How I love God and how He helps me get past the hurdles!

I kept them busy at Walmart tonight! My luck I get the electric cart that runs out of juice in the middle of the store. Did you know when they run out of juice they beep until plugged in? Well, this one did! 

At first they couldn’t find me in my flannel pants – camouflage – I fit right in! 

Did you know when this cart died I couldn’t stop the brakes and I took out a display of hand soap! Luckily nothing split open! 

They got me another cart and the girl was like “you be careful now”!

Little did she know! Everything in the store is at a “kids level” when you are in a cart. I was mesmerized at the kids toothbrushes while getting floss, I almost splurged on a Frozen one. 

They don’t give you enough room to turn in the aisles! I was so excited that they have “Super hero underwear” for women, I got stuck on a bra display, almost ended up buying 118 bras! Lucky the girl that saved me the first time she came running! She said “lady you sure are keeping me busy”! 

I stopped and talked to several other people, cause frankly when you are in an electric cart, they make eye contact, smile and talk!

I now made friends with a guy who hates Walmart, a Walmart employee who told me I had the nicest smile, and oh yeah the girl who chased me around the store!

Tonight was better than going to Six Flags!

Sandie Heckman


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