Nothing But Grace

She sat their with a bag, and with a sigh of relief she dumped it out, shaking it a few times until all the mistakes, the self contempt and the multitude of problems piled up on the table. As she sat there, she looked across the table and all she could see was the glow circling around His head. Her sweet redeemer had come, and she finally dumped all the issues of the day, weeks even months like He asked. She sat there, hands on her head, and when she looked up, tears streaming down her face, the pile was gone. Where the pile lay, was golden lettering shining bright, glistening in His glow, the letters read


she looked over at Him and He said, “I AM MAKING YOU BRAND NEW, I’m giving you a clean slate – now let’s start this week together! She looked Him straight in the eye and sweetly whispered Amen.

Sandie Heckman


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