No Bathrooms in Heaven

When we get to heaven

there are NO BATHROOMS 

marked His N Hers, 

there are NO HOMELESS 

(because HEAVEN IS HOME), 

there will be NO PAIN. 
No drug overdoses – 

nor walkers or crutches or 

anything to help us get by, 

no methodone clinics 

no abortion clinics 

there will be nothing 

that makes us turn a blind eye! 
For we all will just love, 

be happy and free, 

so why can’t we just 

make it a point here,

here on earth to just be?
Here on my earth

no judgement, no fear.

When I get to heaven

I hope I can say,

I didn’t want anyone to

feel bad, or shed a tear!
God, I loved them all

it didn’t matter gender or race.

I wanted them to see you,

through the smile on my face. 

Sandie Heckman


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