This weekend was stunning! I hope you all enjoyed it! Now it’s get down to the nitty gritty of another week. Playback the thought, “I wish the weekend didn’t end”! Now try “This week shall be as stunning as the weekend”. Don’t fall for weak words of ugh “I’m tired”, “I don’t like Mondays”. Here we go! Jump in and change it up – We are not alone!  We’ve got the greatest uplifter of our days, JESUS! So, who are you gonna smile for, walk tall for, live magnificently for? Let’s get this Monday going! Jesus – we need you, draw nearer and help us shine, smile, show others Your magnificent ways! Marvelous Monday with marvelous Jesus – we got this!

Thank you for leading us on – with you Jesus, anything is doable. Amen

Jesus is with me wherever I go – so I don’t need to spend one second being afraid or discouraged. 

Joshua 1:9

Sandie Heckman


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