X Marks The Spot

x marks the spotI like to think that the sky this morning was a “Love Note” from God.

God sending His message, His tiny reminder that “X” marks the spot, Look Up, I am Here!

There will be some that beg to differ, some that will even question your faith. They will tell you that this is not a note from God, but rather a chemical trail left by an airplane.

I’m a dreamer, a Faith Follower and I stand firm in my belief – I believe it’s a reminder that anything is possible with God, and as I heal a dislocated/fractured hip, He is right here by my side healing me in a time frame He sees fit. Yes I’d like the healing to go faster, but I know God is the ultimate healer and with Him all things are possible.

He sets the pace, I follow His lead.

Don’t forget to Look Up today – He’s always sending Love Notes everywhere you look!

Sandie Heckman


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