Suffering Well

  When you look at the suffering some of us endure, although it seems endless; it is preparation for the greatest release of all our sufferings – eternal bliss/heaven bound! 
If we can endure and suffer through relying totally on God, this tiny moment is simply nothing! This tiny moment where we are still engaged with those around us, loving them, showing kindness even as we ourselves suffer, is our greatest accomplishment here on earth. 

For we do not suffer alone! We do not endure this pain alone, for God is right here molding us into the greatest treasure we can be – HIS TREASURE. And oh how He adores us and will help us through our hours of suffering.

Pray without ceasing, praise Him 1000 times and watch your world change. 

He loves without end! He lives in us forever! He is our redeemer and by our suffering we shall become His strongest treasure, able to do all things because He gives us strength. Never underestimate His love, for He will bring you through the suffering and you shall see the glory. 

Our reservation into Heaven is through Him, seek Him, reserve your space today. #heavenbound #nopainnogain

Sandie Heckman


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