The Struggle is Real


Up late with this PAIN! Sick of it! 

Had enough of it! 

Don’t want to wear it, 

nor share it!

Doc says I’ve done gone 

and broke my hip 

like a dislocation wasn’t enough! 

Two for the price of one. 

You are strong enough, 

grin and bear it!

I’d like to set it on fire 

and drown it –

you pain in my HIP!

Enough already, 

gonna send you packing,

I ain’t keeping you 

since you decided 

I was on the same side 

of the tracks.

But, I’ll take it! 

I can’t forsake this pain 

and in the end,

when they ask me 

how I do it, 

how can I be so strong? 

I’m just gonna scream and shout – 


Sandie Heckman


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