Social Media & Jesus


Someone posted on Facebook today, “I can’t believe what some people post on FB”! I don’t know what the post was about, but it sure had me wondering.   
We write posts to update families, to gloat about boyfriends, to share our children’s accomplishments. Funny selfies, video clips of shame, singers we hope become famous and we wait. We wait for the “likes, the loves the comments and the ultimate comments that let us know, someone saw the post, read it and commented. Wow! Fifty-two likes, wow I am liked!

Then I thought, “what would Jesus’ comment”? Would He like it, love it or comment at all? Would He have time? What would Jesus’ posts read. When I thought about Jesus’ posts, my mind went wild!

JESUS: Today was a hard day as I watched 3000 of my close people, my loves, be diagnosed with cancer. I will bring their lives to glory when they join me in Heaven!  

73,880 babies came into my world today, I am so proud! 

My face beamed as my children woke up and praised me. I received 1,230,460 likes today as my children accepted me as their savior! I am tired, but I am blessed and I can’t sleep. I’m busy watching over the world!

There were 39 states with sunshine, 3 countries who had traumatic storms, I’ve been busy being by my peoples sides all day!

I’m getting ready to hear the evening prayers of my children all over the world.

I healed 345,678 people today, brought the news to 68,982,334 that they are with child. I love showering those with blessings who constantly praise me! 

I’m preparing a table for you in the house of my Father. I’m preparing heaven for my followers, my shepherds. 

Don’t forget your prayers tonight, I love to hear from you!

Have we become a society that runs on likes and dislikes on social media? Why can’t we find our peace in knowing, Jesus is our greatest fan of all? He likes us, even loves us, and if He was on social media how many would be His friend? Would you friend Him, or be afraid because of what He thinks of your posts?

Jesus is watching over, and He’s right by our side. Maybe, next time we post a gripe or monumental event on Facebook, we need to stop and think before we post, “what would Jesus think”? We don’t have to wait to be liked, we have the greatest “love” in our life, Jesus!

Sandie Heckman


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