Because I Love


When safeness and rest are all I need and frustration of circumstances leads me away, I hear His call. His softness as the breezes around me blow whispers of “come and sleep”, “I am trying to heal you, let me”, “stop fighting the path – it’s not what you thought, but I’ll get you through”.
And then you weep because 13 weeks into a hip replacement and you dislocate and you’re right back where you were and I’m mad, disappointed, and scared for my job, finances and my world as I know it.
And then your heart cracks open and you weep at His calling and you surrender because He’s your everything and your heart just doesn’t beat the same when you push Him away. As He draws nearer you ask “why do you keep calling me back”? He answers, “because you are mine, and I went to the depths of the ocean to prove it, I hung on a cross so you’d be free, because I love”. 
Sandie Heckman


2 thoughts on “Because I Love

  1. Oh Sandie, my heart goes out to you šŸ˜¦
    His Heart is with you and he can take what the enemy meant for evil and make it into something so much greater than you can ask or think. What he started in you he will bring to completion in the name of our Lord Jesus the Christ! Holy Spirit, comfort, heal and regenerate; bring your new thing to fruition in and through Sandie as you bless her and free her and restore and renew her! “Behold, I make all things new!” “Nothing is too hard for God!” “With men it is impossible, but with God all things are possible” Make all things possible with Sandie Lord God! Take what is wrong and make it right! Thank you Father for Sandie! Thank you Jesus for the finished work of the cross! Thank you Holy Spirit for pouring our Father’s Love into Sandie now and pouring His Spirit upon all her flesh! We believe; help our unbelief!

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