When you drive through a storm – first thing we do is turn on the wipers so we have clearer vision. You proceed with caution and have faith you’ll arrive at your destination.

Sometimes there are bumps in the road, sometime road blocks and some time there are even detours. Which way? 

How many times have you arrived white knuckled holding on for dear life? How many times did you not even think, and can’t remember half of the ride getting to your destination? 



YOUR STORMS? Do you rely on yourself, or do you buckle up and hand the keys to God?

He’s right there.

Doubt will make Him the copilot

Faith will put Him in the driver seat!

Who do you trust?

Yourself? Or Him?

I HATE DRIVING – but I often find myself white knuckled at my destination. Why? Because I’m a silly, fickle Christian who keeps taking back control of my destination!

I want to go places, fabulous places and we can’t if we don’t surrender!

Does God love fancy cars, or any kind of car? He doesn’t care! He just wants to take us to magnificent places on this journey in life. Hand over the keys! Don’t miss the destination of a lifetime, your trip advisor awaits you! 

Sandie Heckman


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