Dear Presidential Candidates….

There are these super days, some that seem more blessed than others, because you slow down and notice even the smallest of blessings. The more we are thankful for, the more blessings are found. 

In a chaotic world where even our government forgets what is important, it’s even more important to be thankful that we have friends and family, who don’t fight with us, like those who want to lead our nation! 

Maybe if some of these inhuman humans, the ones who want to be president, would look around and be thankful that they are in a potential position to lead, we could have true leaders. 

I’m ashamed of this country and the candidates who are running for president. How do we tell our kids these people may be leaders? 

The candidates should have to spend a day in a cancer clinic, mental hospital and above all a VA hospital where soldiers who fought for our country, lost limbs and for some, even their minds, because they believed in and loved their country. 

The candidates should spend a day in a children’s hospital where innocent kids are fighting for their lives. Maybe then they’d see what’s really important- people who have real issues, yet they are thankful to live in the USA. 

This world could use some loving kindness, and it has to come from the heart. This world needs leaders who have empathy. 

This world needs to stop and think who gave up everything and His life for all of us? How He suffered abuse beyond what any of us could endure. This world needs Jesus hearts more than we know…Easter is coming and as far as I’m concerned I hope Jesus comes soon – I’m not of this world –

-Take this world and give me Jesus

Sandie Heckman


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