His majesty 

When was the last time you spoke to the sky or the sky spoke to you?
It would be a cold, gray world if it weren’t for the Son

And then night settles in, and in the beauty of the night sky He beckons you to surrender, He tells you, “He has you”, and He whispers softly….”I AM”.


I sit here listening Lord, and just after the sun touches down, the world becomes hushed as the last basketball bounces for the evenings rest, in my neighborhood, I hear you. My heartbeats with yours, and your breath comes in with the evening mist, as I ask you to draw nearer and nearer. I long for your silent ways, as I know when the world comes to a complete silent halt, you are here wrapping my world in a blanket of protection.

The sky grows dimmer with the misty blue hue as nightfall unwraps its blanket, and the moon sets to rise over the horizon of my beautiful evening. It is you Lord who adorns this evening with a silence and beauty I so desperately need. Hear the silent prayers in the distance of family and friends, and grant their healing prayers as they unwind from this day, and seek the solitude of your gentle embrace. May the angels of your heavens sing us softly into the restful interlude, before sleep overtakes us for this evening.

We pray your will be done Lord. Move in us like never before, and use us as your vessels of light to bring those out of their darkness. We lift up our prayers to you Lord, in you we trust.


Sandie Heckman


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