Busy Days


In this crazy life where “busy” seems to bust through the quiet, and the quiet times with God seem too hard to do. Where just getting the kids to school, and yourself to work takes the strength of a village. Where missing those that are too busy themselves to remember, we all need each other! Busy days, busy lives – stop! Breathe in Gods grace and on the exhale praise Him for this day. He gives relief to the busy, by being busy for you! He carries the troubled hearts of the busy! Carry His love in all your pockets and when weary, scoop some out. You don’t stand alone, nor walk alone – He’s busy carrying you all day long!”But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength 2 Timothy 4:17″

Sandie Heckman


One thought on “Busy Days

  1. Our society thrives on being “busy.” In fact, sometimes we where it like a badge of honor. I’ve been trying to stop using that word. And have been slowly removing it out of my vocabulary. We shouldn’t be busy. “Fruitful” (or “productive”), yes. But perhaps not “busy.”

    I write about stuff like that in my blog if you’re interested in reading some of it. May you continue to breathe in the presence of God each day.

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