Arthritic Chaos

 I woke up and noticed 

my body had changed.

It’s not old age, well, 

maybe some I can blame

on Father Time.

I have a body, 

with bones and joints

that are not the same, 

as another who’s 

age resembles mine.

I fell into the gene pool

of arthritic chaos, 

and now I have joints

to which are not my own. 

Metal and rubber 

to clank around, until 

Father Time says

I’ve had enough time

here swimming daily, so

my body movements

flow ever so freely. 

Arthritis in a chaotic world

can sometimes be unbearable,

as my bones go grinding

together on dark, 

stormy nights. 
They simply don’t have

to remind me 

what I already know. 

I have arthritis but I

simply can’t let it define me. 
Sandie Heckman


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