Lord, we are laying it all down to you. We picked up the broken, the sick, the heartsick and your club members, and we all boarded the bus to now. We get off all lined up in a row, your people, your children your beloveds! 

As we form a circle around you, we kneel one at a time, like a circle falling in time to angels singing and we pray. We praise 1000 times plus to you for the beauty, the safeness, the love, the blessings you’ve bestowed on all of us, and then we pray 1000 prayers plus for discernment and healing, for understanding and peace. We thank you father God, for loving us and we know you’ll bring us through.

Open our eyes Lord, to see, with You there can be heart healing, and when multiplied by your heart filled with love, it unleashes a wave that will wash over us all and set us free. We weren’t promised a thing in life, only that you would love us unconditionally and never leave us. 

As we stand here circled around you, your love radiates around and through us, and we feel your power as our world ceases to spin out of control, because you are in control.
Bless us and heal us father, each and everyone one of us connected to this circle, for we are all connected to you. Selah 

Sandie Heckman


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