Snowflakes and the Loss of a Young Man


I stepped outside for a minute, watching the snowflakes fall. They say no two are the same, and there must have been a million falling.
I got to thinking how snowflakes are similar to the people in and around our little world. No two are the same. Some will touch us, some will fall for us, and some will melt in front of us! 

Snow can be so pure, yet when it falls to the earth it can be transformed, quickly becoming dirty. It’s kind of like people, we are born innocent and then the world around us seeps in and can change who we are, often changing our true colors, if we allow others to change our thinking. 
The flakes were falling softly and as they did, the noise of the earth softened as well. The earth came to what seemed a standstill, and not a car could be heard in the distance.

How do you find peace and tranquility? What does it take for you to stop and just listen in silence? Sometimes I hear God’s whispers in the gentle falling snow. 
A snowflake landed on my jacket and I could see the intricate design of its crystal formation. Is this how we see others? Looking at the outside, never looking in? 
My friends son was laid to rest today. He made a choice and ended his life, and I find this hard to comprehend. Did others not see him hurting on the inside, or was he that good at looking well in his outer shell? Weeks will turn into months, and this young man will never find the glory in another sunset or sunrise, but his family will have to learn to live without his radiant face shining each day.
So many snowflakes falling from the sky, and I have to wonder, how many more of our children will have to fall from suicide in our world? Mental illness effects our entire nation, and the statistics are staggering. What are we missing? We’ll never know the answer to the why’s and how’s, but this young man will be missed for many years to come. 
As you tuck in your children, hug them hard and long. Spend time with them and share Jesus daily. If we teach our kids that they are not alone, maybe they will grow up less distraught, and more alive in Christ! 

We need Jesus more than ever, we need Him now!
Train up a child in the way he should go. Even when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 NAS
RIP Dylan 01-14-16

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Sandie Heckman


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