Church Full of Love

– I’ve been reading articles about the refugee crisis and how some churches are building up these walls, because of fear of their churches being tainted by the refugees. It’s hard work helping others, refugees who come from different belief systems, different ways of life, who often seem to drain the church of funds and drain the congregation who tries to help others who do not seem to appreciate the churches efforts.I find this so sad that there are Christians who feel this way. Actual churches that are run this way. What is the real crisis here, and how can we maintain a church that just loves? 

I see my church (I love saying it’s my church) full of love! And this I pray for my church, 
So Father, we build your churches with hope. Sanctuaries where others can come to find peace and hope, and we intentionally connect others to your Son. We will raise our children and teach each other to live with open doors and arms. We teach them to love! 

When our world spins off center, and our enemies filter in their ideas of hatred and judgement, we ask you to help us amp up our hearts full of love. Illuminate and shine through us the most brilliant light, so we may send out your beacons of light to lead those seeking, those longing for a home, those knowing that churches are built on your foundation of love, devotion and the one idea that we are all one, we are all born under the same Son. Fill our hearts with the wisdom to show the doubters and our enemies that anyone, no matter what color, what country, we belong to you, to share You Lord with one another. Make it our divine purpose to keep our church doors open to everyone, to feed and clothe the hungry and just share your love, your light with everyone, so we may make the church become our entire being, our entire world, your world. 

Selah – we pause we breathe You in, and on the exhale, we show others we are just like You, with loving hearts for everyone, for that is what Jesus taught us to do. 

“Dear friends, let us continue to love one another, for love comes from God. Anyone who loves is a child of God. 1 John 4:7 NLT

Sandie Heckman


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