Prayer for 2016

I find the New Year so exciting, especially in what lies ahead. I hear so many wishing they knew what lies in front of them or so worried for their future

Lord, calm our hearts for this longing, this desperate need to know what lies ahead on our 2016 journey into our future. Sustain us and help us to maintain the simple truth that you have us, and yes it will be okay. When our road gets curvy, rocky or takes a wrong or different turn than our intentions, draw us back in, back into your loving arms.

Keep our eyes fixed on you Lord, and as we look up seeking your truths and grace may we see your tiny love notes in everyone and everything around us. Your simple reminders to remain still, slow down our hurried lives and have faith in knowing everything will be okay, because we are okay in you.

May we bless others to the fullest, as our presence resonates your love in their minds, leading those who are lost, back home to you

Keep us passionately held tight in your arms 


Sandie Heckman


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