Total Hip Replacement – Hippie Day #5

Day 1,2,3 &4 were all a blur but…

I love this! Day 5 of my post-op total hip replacement. Today I can’t do much of anything
and totally relying on Him for everything. Being stuck in bed on ice and leg elevated, is the perfect place to be, to remind me we are only Human in this world set to a temporary pace where He rescues us daily. I breathe Him in and on the Exhale the hope of my new life in the new year becomes bigger, as Father Time keeps track of the tic tocs. Our Jesus, born to save, our lives where we are born to rave about our Jesus. New Year new life in His name. Father take the lead I can’t wait to leap forward, and see the wonder You have in store. Hearts full, hearts longing for His shining face.

Sandie Heckman


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