Bigger than a Billboard 


It’s a warmish kind of night, soft breezes blowing and I can here the hum of my washer inside, as I enjoy a 53 degree Pre Christmas night on my porch. I beckon our Lord to come sit close, stay close and I say “I’m scared for my total hip replacement surgery tomorrow.” I ask for a sign bigger than a billboard to show I’m being silly and He’s got me. I say, “Father, I love you more than my life, this beautiful life you’ve given me.” I tell Him “I shined His light today, and I gave out 5 gift bags with blankets and hygiene packs to His lost souls, His homeless souls. I drove past the homeless souls flying signs and I said Merry Christmas, God loves you. I pulled over and I prayed with them because my healing comes from healing others.” I felt Gods hands on our shoulders as I prayed and told them “He’s right here, right now. I did it for you Lord.” And my blessings fall and the tiny baby, Jesus my Jesus is my everything, my healer. The wind picks up and blows past me in a furry, almost like excitement for tomorrow, because His plan is already laid out, and I get my life back, my pain free life! He spoke in a wind more powerful than words because my God is bigger than the wind, bigger than any mountain, and He’ll be there tomorrow while the doctor cuts my old, dry bones and gives me my new life. And Satan you think you have a pretty big set of britches, getting me all fired up, we’ll you don’t. And the gusty wind blew, blew Satan down and out He went because my God, my healer huffed and puffed bigger than a billboard and no one messes with His child.

Tomorrow I get a new hip, it’s a big deal, real big because it’s a life changer, a deal breaker and Gods promise is huge…He’ll never leave us! So I know, Gods going in there tomorrow and He’ll hold the surgeons hand steady and my old dry bones will come alive as God commands it to be so. This life, my crazy life full of surgeries and wind socks full of God breathed air is my best life ever. Tomorrow is Gods day, my day, for my Father, my God shall make it so. 

Sandie Heckman 


2 thoughts on “Bigger than a Billboard 

  1. Jacob wrestled with an angel and got a new name Israel but was permanently disabled, his hip out of joint and lame…
    but Jesus came and brought healing and wholeness as the new Jerusalem, a new bride with perfect hips to walk as Jesus walked on the earth! This is what you are receiving tomorrow: be healed and made whole in Jesus’ name above all names! Our promise is that we will be made like Christ permanently complete, perfect and lacking nothing! God bless you! God bless your surgeon and nurses! May the outcome be better than anyone can believe, may there be blessings beyond belief, and may the presence of God be so strong with you that no one can fail to notice!! Merry Christmas! and eternal Merry Christ Day!

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