Remember this….


If God hadn’t washed us in grace, who would we be? Bitter, angry, unforgettable, because no one could live with us souls. They couldn’t stand us! We’d be disgusted and disgusting to others! Imagine if we carry this and never forgive those who trespassed against us? Imagine if He never did! We’d be gray, and emotionless, we couldn’t ever love! His grace is like an ocean where you are sinking to the depth of terror and defeat, and there He is lifting us out of this sea of despair and let down, and not just those that let us down, how we let down ourselves. He lifts us up and the coolness of the deep blue, His grace, embraces and washes over us, and as He lifts us, our indiscretions are left behind floating out to sea. The Sharks gnaw wildly at the soul sucking inequities God gives us grace for. The Sharks become those who have not found Gods grace nor have forgiven, they never feel or learn how to forgive because they were never shown, never received His love. 

Imagine a graceless world, I can’t! I’ve been given, seen and have grace as big as an ocean. I’ve forgiven those who hurt me, cut my soul, sliced it over and over, and God healed. And because of Him, my soul lives on, full of love and devotion to Him. I walk, I forgive because I can’t live in an ocean amongst the Sharks!! I inhale His grace and on the exhale I breathe out and praise Him for forgiving me, me! He loves you and me and gives and washes us with grace! Praise Him for the abundant heart that beats in you, for it beats in grace and on each heartbeat, it allows you to forgive your trespassers, those who choose to live like Sharks! 

Sandie Heckman


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