Finding Christmas 

 And as the night stills, there’s this hush and calm in my home. No TV, no loud noise, soft gentle Christian music, and All Is Well With my Soul plays on the radio. As my mind slows, and I let the day unwind, and as the cats crawl up, curl up on their blanket of softness and the day comes to a halt, my soul unravels and there He is! Bigger than life, yet as small as an infant child, and in all His glory He finds me. I reflect on Christmas and the beauty of the season up ahead, slowing down Christmas, so I can savor every morsel, every minute leading up to the festive day, where I know He is born to save. 

I know I’ve never savored Christmas, haven’t thought of Advent in years, but the realization that Christmas can be slowed to enjoy, has my soul a flutter. This world, our time and all the chaos around disappears into the evening, where Mary hears the angel, and I am filled with wonder. For what child is this born in Bethlehem? He’s the one, my King who will save me and the world.

When God gets in you, its like perfection and finding your place. When you feel Him, inhale His beauty, feel His softness and hear His calling, that is an indescribable feeling like Christmas as a child.

No other Lord, but our Lord himself, simplifying our world and showing us grace, and the biggest love ever.

Sandie Heckman


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