The Growing Season


The owls will hoot, and the midnight moon will shine a path leading you to where you need to be. Change is unique to each soul on this planet. No two life changing moments are the same. Each life trip, each destiny quest into our future is predetermined and known only by God. The deepest of moments, the tranquility of a shiny new evening, brought on by the glistening sleepy moon, can only show us that all we do and all we have, are our gifts in the moment, our brief moments in a life.

Our own unique season of change can bring new dimensions in our thinking, new depths in our relationship with God. As the earth comes to its midnight rest, as the sun sets and the moon glows, we are beckoned to listen to Gods calling, Gods truth. WE NEED TO BE CLOSER TO HIM. 

Change can refuel our faith in God, and bring us closer in our relationship with him. He calls our name on the brief breezes of the day, only in these tiny intimate moments in time will he constantly meet us, and challenge us to change. He wants us to evolve into who he intended us to be, giant thinkers, deal breakers, God lovers. We are the ones to show the world our Beloved Jesus. He calls us to our seasons of change. He calls us, because He loves us.

Sandie Heckman 



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