Turkey and such

Sometimes as much as you try, you can’t compare the holidays now, to those of the past. Where I’d wake up in footy jammies and smell, the aroma of onions and celery cooking, to make the ultimate stuffing for the turkey that mom made just right, waffled through the air. There were no “turkey poppers” back in the day, but that turkey always came out so darn good, because Mom put all the love of her heart into it. Into the living room I’d stroll, while the Philadelphia Mummers parade was blaring on TV. Gosh I hated those strutting fools, and I couldn’t wait for the Macy’s Parade to start! Dad would be sitting in his chair reading the paper, and Moms whistling to a tune in her head, could be heard all over the house.

The good ole days, geez I miss them. You never know what you have till it’s gone. I’ve missed more Thanksgivings with my family, than I had with them in my lifetime, and now I miss it even more.

Mom is 89 now, and a turkey baster is her thing of the past. Dads chair is empty now, and my heart is missing. But, I know every piece of pie eaten, will be eaten with a smile, as it was indeed my dads favorite part of the meal. 

The dinner isn’t at home anymore, and I now go to various places to share in the holiday. But my heart is missing home, and my memories are the best part. 

Savor Thanksgiving / be thankful for everything. Make memories with your family, it’s the little things they will never forget. Most of all send praises to Heaven, for God is our finest blessing. 

Sandie Heckman


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