Shifting Tides


In the midst of navigating your journey through life, have FAITH. Your divine wisdom and light shines so bright, and even though you may sense a flickering or uneven flame – believe in yourself. Know God is sending a band of angels to rally on your behalf. These angels will lift you during your trials, your unknown days, and soon you will see GOD’S PLAN for you is MAGNIFICENT! Your destiny on this planet is beautifully set to the beat, the beat of God’s heart and yours entwined through eternity.

Set your seeds of life in motion, sprinkle gently and God will help these seeds grow into a MAGICAL GARDEN for you to watch grow. Know your life is GOD BREATHED.

Take time for yourself, have COMPASSION for your circumstances and know the changes you seek are already within you. Focus on what inspires you and brings you JOY.

You are one of the BRIGHTEST LIGHTS on this planet. GOD WILL HELP YOU find your way through the shifting tides.

Sandie Heckman


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