Prayer For Paris


As our world self destructs, it’s getting clearer Lord, that your coming to save our world is getting closer. We lift up Paris, our city of love that has lost so many loves in a ridiculous hateful act! We mark another day on our calendar as a day of so many lives lost. Lost lives to hateful people who have never known you, never held you in their heart. I weep for Paris, truly tears dissolve into liquid emotions as I lift up the lost souls, lost lives that are now with you. Marked boxes on the calendar of our lives, of days filled with horrid, tragedy, are becoming all to common. Instill in the world compassionate hearts full of love and light. Wrap the world in protection Lord and allow our world to find peace. You weep with us as we mourn the souls taken so tragically. Lord, as your time of coming here to earth draws nearer, may this world stop hating and fall closer to you. 

Bring Paris and our world hope in you and peace 



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