Caffeine Junkie


Sometimes our “joy meter” gets stuck between this moment and the next. I was told to find gratitude today, and my joy would find itself. I woke up achy and just not myself, and I needed coffee, lots of coffee so, I dump the beans into the grinder and the earth shaking sound of beans on metal challenges me to wake up! I add water and wait impatiently as the coffee slowly drips into the carafe. Why is it when you are desperately in need of a caffeine fix the coffee pot takes forever? I skip the mug and pour the milk directly into the entire pot of coffee and I chug it down. The carafe feels large in my hand and I realize it feels like today shall be a “nothing seems to fit” kind of day. Now I can go about my business all day and believe that nothing will fit or work out, or I can totally try to fill my world with thoughts of gratitude and not be caught up in the moment of “life is just not fair”. I go to work and on the way I see tiny love notes from God spread out along my path. I can’t seem to open them because I am still too tired and worn out, and I realize this tired can make you more tired if you allow yourself to resonate on just how tired you truly are!


I go to work and it’s a ho hum day and my “joy meter” is still stuck on empty, and I sit and ponder just what it is going to take, to get my joy back up there? Nine o’clock melts into ten o’clock and I’m still stuck in the moment of just being tired. I take a break and go for a walk and as I walk outside, the sun melts through me and I can feel myself soaking up the rays of the sun. Suddenly I become Son drenched in the beauty of the day! I allow God to light my path and I absorb all that He is trying to tell me. I sit on a bench, and as the sun baths me in the wonder, I hear a gentle tapping from the left.


I look up and there in the old oak tree is a giant wood pecker, larger than any wood pecker I’ve ever seen. He’s banging his beak into the bark of the. This tree must have had a “bang head here” sign on its trunk because this wood pecker is going to town, banging his head into the tree trying to find the goodness inside of the trunk. As the woodpecker knocks on the tree, I can almost feel the impact of its beak as it tries over and over, to break through to the core of the wood.


Suddenly it hits me! God has been trying all morning to get my attention, banging and tapping on my brain, sending signals of love and I wasn’t receiving it. I almost missed it! But, this lovely bird, this lovely woodpecker reminded me, “stop trying to bang your head against the wall, let go let God have it today”, “He sees potential in all you do, and He wants nothing more than for you to know, He loves you!” As the woodpecker hopped around the tree, banging his head, I because so grateful for all that God is and does in my life my “joy meter” shot to total joy, and all was well with my soul! 


Sandie Heckman


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